Chorvelle A. Johnson is many things: a family-oriented woman, a busy Jamaican corporate executive, and a creative being who uses her stove and her iPad to explore her love of creating soul and belly-nurturing meals. Having shifted to a vegan lifestyle since 2009, Chorvelle now adds “published author” to her life’s journey, and welcomes the opportunity to share the secrets of some of Jamaica’s best ingredients. She credits her parents for creating the atmosphere that allowed her to develop her passion and skill for creating delicious meals that nurture the body while pleasing the palate.

Chorvelle consistently makes time to create meals, as she finds great joy in giving persons the power of tasty, nutritious foods. In SIMPLY VEGAN, this bona fide Foodie blends the uniqueness of Jamaican spices and seasonings with the atmosphere and passion of Jamaican culture. Read SIMPLY VEGAN to learn how simple recipes can create major shifts in your life, one bite at a time.

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