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Kihara Eczema Control treatment is perfect for all skin types. This all natural and 100% organic formula was developed using key therapeutic essential oils that have been clinically proven to reduce flare ups, itching and inflammation associated with eczema.

  • Daily moisturizing is the basis of Kihara Eczema Control treatment, and even while eczema is under control it’s important to continue the moisturizing regime to prevent future flare ups. Hence the use of Kihara Eczema Control oil, is an exceptional moisturizer with added benefits of being antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-itching and super nourishing.
  • Also, our unique formula is an excellent emollient. Emollients are what dermatologists recommend for eczema as they fill the gaps and cracks in the skin, prevent moisture loss, and restore the protective barrier.
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