This candle set has a mild sedative effect but it also is capable of inducing feelings of euphoria!  This is why it was a popular ancient remedy for anxiety, tension, shock, fear and panic and it’s still very much used for these reasons today. 

Ylang Ylang also has aphrodisiac qualities which are excellent for helping with romantic and sexual mood so it’s seen as a great tool to work against impotence. For those who suffer with low self- esteem, Ylang Ylang works wonders and there was research carried by the University Hospital from Universidade de São Paulo (HU-USP) which proved that Ylang Ylang significantly altered self-esteem perception.  This is because it calms nerves which are often experienced by those who sadly feel they are unworthy.  It’s simple, if you don’t feel nervous you are far more able to deal with situations which otherwise would make you jittery

Set Includes

1 12 oz Medium Chunk Candle

1 24 oz Lrg Chunk Candle

1 4 oz Candle in Jar

1 4 oz Chunk candle

1 3oz Travel Tin

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