Greedy Girl Scotch Bonnet Escovitch Pepper Jelly Sauce

Greedy Girl
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Yall ready to spice up some fried chicken and fried fish?

This sauce is a combination of sweet and sour, pepper jelly, and escovitch pickle. The escovitch pickle flavor is the most pronounced. It has loads of onions, pimento, scotch bonnet pepper, vinegar, and the perfect brown sugar sweetness to help tone down the spice.  The heat in this sauce is a creeper, the first taste will have you thinking, it's not that hot, but the more you eat the food the more the delicious spice intensifies. On our heat scale, we rate that somewhere between “Nose a run” and “Eye a wata”  If you don’t like spicy foods this ain't for you, but if you are ready to bite into sweet vinegary spicy flava, then this is it!

How to use: I like to warm my sauce before tossing and coating the fried meats. A little heat helps it to spread. Make sure to refrigerate after the first opening, this contains no preservatives. I put this mostly on fried fish filet and fried chicken, makes a great sweet and sour chicken. It's also delicious on grilled meats. You can add it to stews to get a bit of acidity, sweetness, and spice. You can even saute veggies with a bit of this sauce (just remember to remove the pimento berries)

Size: 10 oz